Phone numbers that are good to know…For emergencies, local area utilities or water treatment maintenance help. Find all the information you need here.  POA members with suggestions to add to this page should contact us using the form on the contact page.



Emergency phone numbers

Utility phone numbers

Water treatment system maintenance

Effluent Filter Cleaning:

  • Enos Ray: Tel: 304-702-5410
  • Beddow’s Septic Service: Tel: 304-258-1527

Holding Tank Pumping:

  • Beddow’s Septic Service: Tel: 304-258-1527
  • Powell’s Plumbing: Tel: 304-725-1020

Tank & Filter Repair:

  • GHS Excavation: Tel: 304-258-9241
  • Tree Works Land Development: Tel: 304-258-1991