Election procedures for positions on the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Cacapon South Property Owners Association are described here. Nominations for the next election are due by November 2, 2018.

Two Board of Directors seats open

The Board would like to encourage interested property owners to consider running for election to the Board.  If you are on the board you get to participate in meetings and decisions affecting Cacapon South.

There are currently five elected directors and two appointed officers on the Board.  The directors’ term of office is three years, and elections are held every year for two positions on a staggered basis.  This year there are two Board Director positions up for election:

  • Harry Weiss, who now chairs the Maintenance Committee, has served a successful full term and will not seek re-election
  • The Board vacancy from the departure last year of former president Paul Kane will be filled

The second attachment to this message is the BOD nomination form.  Property owners interested in running must complete a Board of Directors nomination form.  These are due on November 2, 2018, at least 24 hours prior to the annual POA meeting the following morning.

At the meeting, each candidate will have up to five minutes to address property owners.

After the meeting, ballots will be sent to all property owners via USPS mail, along with the 2019 invoice for annual dues and fees.  Ballots must be completed and returned on or before March 1, 2019, in order to count.