Cacapon South POA has a seven-member Board of Directors. Each member sits for a three-year term. There are committees for architecture, communications, and maintenance.


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Membership and roles

  • Ed Bender – President and Communications Committee Chair
  • Jim Brown
  • Scott DuBoff
  • Susan Eckert
  • Reidonna King – Architectural Committee Chair
  • Thom Rubel – Vice President
  • Bud Cravener – Maintenance Committee Chair


Ed Bender. (Current term: March 2017 – March 2020)

Ed has been a property owner in Cacapon South since 2007, and a resident since October 2012. Since retiring from the Department of Defense in mid-2015 after 40 years of federal service, he resides here full-time. He continues to work part-time as a subject matter expert on night vision goggles for his former agency, primarily via telecommuting. Ed and his wife Donna intend to spend the rest of their lives at Cacapon South. He leads the POA Communications Committee and was recently elected President of the Board of Directors.


Jim Brown (Current term: April 2018 – March 2019)

After enjoying vacation trips to Berkeley Springs, Jim, and Cheryl (his wife) and Molly (their dog) decided to make the community their permanent home in 2017 because they knew it is a beautiful place to live. Jim works as the Plant Manager and Quality Director for Parker Plastics, LLC in Hagerstown, MD, and plans to retire within a couple years. He has worked in the plastics’ trade — bottle manufacturing for the food industry — for 40 years, and at Parker Plastics since 2002. Jim joined the board in 2018 and says he wants to keep our community safe and secure.


Scott DuBoff (Current term: March 2018 – March 2021)

Scott and his wife Beth love Cacapon South! Owners since July 2012, their log home is on an old logging road affectionately called “Lazy Bear Lane.” An attorney in Washington D.C. for many years, Scott’s practice changed to part-time in the early months of 2018. Beth is a retired teacher and administrator with the Fairfax County (Virginia) Public Schools. Although they had been splitting time between Cacapon South and their home in McLean, Virginia, in late 2017 Cacapon South became Scott and Beth’s full-time home. They have four sons, four daughters-in-law, and eight grandchildren (with Number 9 on the way!).


Susan Eckert (Current term: April 2018 – March 2019)

Susan and husband Wayne have been homeowners in Berkeley Springs since 2000. Their first home in Cacapon South was built in 2006. After relocating to Roanoke, VA for three years, they returned to Cacapon South and are now permanent residents. Susan recently retired after spending over 35 years in the senior housing industry. For the last 15 years as president of her company, she was responsible for designing, developing and operating senior housing communities throughout the east coast. Susan is pleased to have recently joined the Architectural Committee. The Eckerts are thrilled to now call Cacapon South their “forever home”!


Reidonna King (Current term: March 2017 – March 2020)

Reidonna has been a full-time resident since 2013. She lives here with her husband Julian. Currently, she is an after-school program director. Past experience includes 15 years in Cary, North Carolina where she served as a customer service specialist at the Public Works and Utility Department. She also held a real estate broker license for 20 years, working primarily with developers on new home sales. Reidonna leads the Architectural Review Committee.


Thom Rubel (Current term: March 2018 – March 2021)

Thom and his spouse Paul Salinas have been Cacapon South residents since 2010. He is a semi-retired information technology analyst and former U.S. government employee who continues to work as an adjunct research advisor. He also serves as Executive Director of the Morgan Arts Council, where he oversees the operations, staff, and budget for the Ice House in Berkeley Springs, and is a board member and President of the Berkeley Springs-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce. His interests in Cacapon South are to ensure its vitality by maintaining an attractive, open, and friendly neighborhood for all. Thom is Vice President of the Board of Directors.

Lloyd “Bud” Cravener

Lloyd Cravener moved to Cacapon South from Bethany Beach in July 2012. After retiring from 38 years at NSA, he enjoys West Virginia. He holds a degree in Public Administration and was a building contractor for over 30 years in Delaware. He builds custom furniture as a hobby.


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